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A Father's Love

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My dad is great. He is easy going, loving and was always in my corner. He was my go-to person growing up, When I became a mom I realized that my dad was so great in large part because his parents showed him what a father and husband was supposed to look like.

When we adopted our son he was 10 and needless to say had a rough life before he landed in the orphanage. My husband tried so very hard to be a good role model for our son because he understood the impact it would have, not just on our son, but on generations to come.

Our son is now 22….we had 10 years of loving, guiding, cherishing and providing every opportunity we could for him to soar. Sadly, he chose another path and there has been a great divide between us for the last two years.

What we realized is that while we had a chance to impact him, the hard wiring was already set. The fact that we told him all the time he was an answer to our prayers, his heart and mind had 10 years of pain and neglect that the next 12 years couldn’t really break through. What he had seen, the abandonment he felt, had left its mark.

These days I often wonder what the outcome would have been had he known in those first 10 years he wasn’t fatherless. He wasn’t alone. What if he had the chance when he was young to know the One Who Made Him? What if, even in all of the madness that was his early years, he could have felt the presence of God in his life? Would he have been better equipped to overcome? Would he have believed he was worthy of the love that we and so many others lavished on him? Would he be more able to realize that God was the one who saved him all those times he faced hunger and cold? That it was Father God who plucked him from the orphanage and brought him to our lives? Would he have realized that everything he went through, bad and good, was for something greater?

God presents Himself as a Father because we all know what a father is. Even if our father didn't treat us well, we know what a good father should be. For those of you who feel fatherless, know you are not. If you know Christ you have been adopted into a family headed by the greatest Father that ever was or will be and if you have not yet invited Christ into your life, know your Father waits patiently for his child to come home. 

We all want to be treasured and loved and protected. Hopefully, your earthly father will meet those needs. But even if he doesn’t, God will.

Happy Father’s Day.

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