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Holiday Hoopla

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Do you know there are only TWO Fridays until Christmas?


I am not going to panic because this year I am going to be focused on what is truly important about this time of the year. I will not think about the fact that this year I am hosting the family dinner and the rug in the family room needs to be replaced and I should probably get new linens for the guest room.


I will not spend time fretting over the Christmas decorations that I planned to go through last year to weed out what needed to be donated or trashed, but never did because by the time Christmas was over I just wanted to have it all put away. I will not focus on the gifts that still need to be purchased and wrapped. I will not agonize over who might get me a gift and whether or not I should have something on hand for them, just in case they do.

What will the kids want for Christmas and what about our Christmas card? We haven't even take a picture. Where will we do it? Should the dogs be in it? Is it too late?

That's it! I resolve I will not get caught up in the hoopla this year, I will stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas. We will keep it low key, I will not worry if the if the tree is perfectly decorated or if the tags on the gifts are handmade...

OK, that's a lie, who am I kidding? I will worry about all of those things.What will be different this year is that I will give myself a break when it doesn't all come together perfectly, because it won't. There is a high likelihood that the christmas card will not make it in the mail in time, the decorations will be put up, but never gone through to get rid of what we don't need and certainly I will be caught emptyhanded by a sweet friend who has a gift for me.

But it's ok, because I am covered in GRACE and shielded by a God who loves me regardless of how "together" I am.

Easy to say, but hard to remember and live out, but this year I will try. Here, we go!

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