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Layered in Grace

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They say the best way to stay warm is to dress in layers. Makes sense. Each layer has a function. The base layer, against your skin, manages moisture; the insulating layer protects you from the cold and the shell or outer layer shields you from wind and rain.

So that got me to thinking about layers. There are lots of things that have layers, but the first thing that comes to my mind is a layer cake (and that explains my need for a new year’s resolution)…A perfect creation of delicious layers of cake interspersed with rich fillings and frostings that hold the cake together, while keeping the layers apart.

What about me…what am I layered in? What keeps me insulated and shielded from storms? What holds me together?

This may be a stretch, but bear with me. Aren’t we like that layer cake held together with the rich filling and covering of grace and mercy? Think about it, I know my “layers” are like the cake layers I bake, uneven and a bit crumbly, but when those layers are covered by the filling and swirled in frosting, it’s all ok.

Jesus is what holds me and all my layers together.

And here’s what’s great about Jesus…He holds us together, but can separate the layers of our actions from the layers of who we really are. He maintains righteous justice toward our actions, but never let’s go of mercy towards those who love him.

His MERCY insulates me from what I deserve and His GRACE fills me with sweet gifts that I don’t deserve.

What freedom!

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