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I was traveling with my daughter a couple of weeks ago. We were on the train on our way to New York and since the times we live in call for us to be vigilant I gave some thought to what I would do if someone crazy got on the train. First thing that came to mind was, I would SHIELD my daughter. I would throw myself across her and protect her. This is a no brainer for a parent, it’s what you do, it’s our job to SHIELD our children from what might hurt them.

It’s important to be SHIELDED. We have windSHIELDs in our cars, golf carts even have them. Have you ever ridden in a golf cart without a windshield? Not fun, bad for the hair, not to mention the bugs. A policeman wears a SHIELD, we see it and we know that he or she has the ability to help and protect us.


If you are a Christian, then you know Christ is your SHIELD. Not a guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen, just a promise that you are SHIELDED from spending eternity without Him. Just a promise of grace and mercy when we mess it up. As Christians are we too shielded? Do we wear our Christianity as a protective layer that is insulating and unwelcoming?

Do we attend church on Sunday mornings and check it off the list as one more thing in the “I’m covered by Christ” column or do we invite others to join us at church? Do we attend bible study and only surround ourselves with those who already know His love or are we meeting with those who are in darkness? Are we bold in His Name? Do we realize that His SHIELD is what will enable us to speak His Name to those who don’t know it?

I only ask these question because this is what I struggle with. Am I so insulated in my walk with Christ that others cannot see Him in me?

We must be diligent to SHARE our faith, not envelope ourselves in it and forget why we are SHIELDED in the first place. It’s a battle out there, the SHIELD we have been gifted is not just for our protection, but one we must raise in front of those who are most vulnerable.

His SHIELD is not meant to be just a badge we wear. It is an empowerment to speak His name and of the many gifts He promises those he protects. 

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