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The Power of One

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I was out for a walk around our property the other day. I’m ready for Spring, but it seems like it’s a long time away since there is still snow on the ground here. Depressing.

Then I saw it. Right by our creek, barely peeking through the snow, one of the bulbs I had planted last fall. ONE little stem…nudging aside the heavy snow and reaching for the sun. It made me smile.

The power of ONE. Have you ever thought about that? In today’s life of excess, it’s so easy to forget how powerful just one thing can be.

I remember when we adopted our first child. No words can describe the overwhelming powerful emotion I felt when they placed her in my arms. That ONE tiny bundle of precious perfection.

Take it a step further…the amazing POWER of the ONE God who brought her to my arms in the first place.

What about the times you are having a bad day and someone, anyone, says just that ONE thing and it changes everything…softens your heart or changes your mind or whatever it was you needed at that time.

Take it a step further…the amazing POWER of the ONE God who brought that person to you at that particular time.

It’s easy to underestimate the power of ONE. God never does that.

We know He will leave the 99 to go in search of the ONE who is lost. He knew each of us before he knit us together. Jesus, who had preached to large crowds of people, spent a good part of one day talking to ONE woman at Jacob’s well. This woman had a sketchy background at best, but she was important to Jesus.

There is the POWER of ONE in us too. Just ONE of us can make a difference, to a child, a friend, a stranger, the community...the world.

It just takes ONE. ONE that brings HOPE. ONE that gives PROTECTION. ONE that gives GRACE.

The POWER of ONE by Gracewear. The signature Shield of Faith design represents the powerful and purposeful message of HOPE, PROTECTION and GRACE. Every ONE needs ONE SHIELD... The Power of ONE for your and for everyONE you love.

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