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What is Love?

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What is Love?

Here comes Valentine’s Day. Every store is full of hearts…paper hearts, chocolate hearts (yes, please), jewelry hearts, teddy bears holding hearts and all of that is just fine, but what is love?

I have heard people say there are many kinds of love, but I don’t know if that is true. Love is love and here’s what I am basing that on.

I googled and here’s the definition I found:

Love (ləv/)

noun 1. 
an intense feeling of deep affection.

verb 2. to feel a strong or constant attachment and affection for a person

So love is a noun and a verb! I think that’s where the confusion comes in about different kinds of love. There is only one love, it just depends on whether you are feeling love or being love. God is love. The key word in that sentence? “IS”. He doesn’t feel it, He IS it. He doesn’t do the noun version. He is all about the VERB. How do I know?


He shows (verb) me GRACE. He has a strong and constant attachment and affection for me. I know that is true because of the free and unmerited favor He pours out on me even though most days I mess it up before my feet hit the floor in the morning! He doesn’t love me more because I work in Children’s Ministry or less because I gossiped or lost my temper. His ACTION of LOVING ME overrides all of my actions because of GRACE. I mess it up and HE LOVES ME ANYWAY! What is love? THAT is love!

You were created to give and receive love. Never forget who you are to Him. Never believe that you don’t deserve love... or chocolate hearts!

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