​Gold or Silver? How to Choose The Perfect Metal For You :

Posted by MacKenzie Akers on 22nd May 2023

​Gold or Silver? How to Choose The Perfect Metal For You :

Gold or Silver? How to Choose The Perfect Metal For You :

Gracewear is known for its beautiful jewelry, but you may be asking yourself, how do I choose between the gold or silver finishes? Do you like to switch between the two? Or are you strictly team silver/gold? Maybe you can’t decide! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on finding that perfect match.

Eye & Hair Color : Eye color is important to look at when making this decision. If you have blue or green eyes, silver jewelry may look better on you. As well as if you have naturally light hair. People with brown or hazel eyes and darker hair tend to look better in gold pieces.

Undertones : Understanding your undertones is the most important thing to do to determine which metal is right for you! If you have warmer undertones, gold jewelry looks the best on you! Cooler undertones - Silver jewelry.

If you aren’t sure which one you are, take a look at the veins on your wrists. People who have more greener veins tend to have a warm undertone, and if your veins are more on the blue side, you have a cooler undertone!

Your outfit : Another thing to consider when picking jewelry, is what outfit they are going to be accessorizing. A warm colored dress may look better with a gold necklace, but an icy blue dress would pair great with some silver earrings. Styling your jewelry to match your outfits instead of your undertones is a fun way to switch things up from day to day, and is an exciting way to try new looks!

These three tips are very helpful for choosing the color of metal you want to wear, but ultimately, we want you to wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident! This decision really comes down to your personal taste and the aesthetic you are going for.

Check out our jewelry here, and determine if you’re team silver or gold!