Painting with Purpose - Anne Neilson

Posted by MacKenzie Akers on 6th Jul 2022

Painting with Purpose - Anne Neilson

Anne Neilson Home

Anne Neilson had been an artist her entire life, and in 2003, she gained national recognition for her collection of oil paintings, the ethereal Angel Series.

All of her work reflects her faith, in 2012 she self published a set of three coffee table, faith inspired, books! She then launched Anne Neilson Home, in response to an increased need in affordable Anne Neilson pieces, which Gracewear Collection adores selling. This collection includes a growing collection of luxury home products including candles, notecards, scripture cards, prints, and journals.

Anne has been featured in countless magazines like the “Jesus Calling Magazine” as well as “Bella Gladys.” She has also featured on Today with Hoda & Jenna, where they talked about the great gifts Anne Neilson offers and which ones to give during the Holiday Season.

When asked what truly inspires her, she responded by saying, “I’m constantly finding inspiration in the ordinary. I believe my faith gives me a lens that draws beauty and inspiration from colors, textures, art, even the process of creating is inspiring to me. I also discover inspiration in my family on a daily basis. With a husband and four children, there is always a wealth of fun, challenge and experience to draw from.”

She has had such a successful career, as well as being a wife, a mother of four, and still sticking to her roots of being an artist. Neilson paints with both “passion and purpose” and all of her sales give a portion back to the less fortunate. She does countless appearances and book signings as well! Click here to find an upcoming one near you.

Here at Gracewear, we love offering all different kinds of Anne Neilson items in our boutique as well as online! From her newest books to beautiful scripture cards.