Gracewear is unique and special in so many ways- especially in the way that you can partner with us...

As a VIRTUAL WARRIOR, you have the awesome opportunity to share the beautiful products and powerful message and meaning of the Shield of Faith Collection with family and friends through your custom affiliate link at the top of this email.

You will earn 15% Net commissions on all sales!

As a SALES REP WARRIOR, you have recently purchased your Sample Sales Kit and will now be contacted by a Gracewear Leader to coach and support you on the following:

  1. Commission Structure
  2. Hosting Social or Online Parties called 'Gracewear Gatherings'
  3. Sharing your custom Gracewear link with Family and Friends
  4. Sponsoring Virtual Warriors (Influencer)
  5. Selling Gracewear to Retail Stores in your town and surrounding area (upon approval)
  6. Hosting Trunk Shows in these Retail Locations

Becoming a Gracewear Sales Warrior is an amazing experience. Our Warriors are supported and encouraged by an awesome community of women who are passionate about growing a powerful business with purpose!

We are not your typical Direct Sales company! 

There are many ways to engage as a Gracewear Warrior and you are able to choose what fits your sales style!

We look forward to sharing your journey!  

xoxo Wendy and Mary