Storms and CoVid 19

Storms and CoVid 19

Posted by Mary Blackburn on 21st Aug 2020

Storms come in all shapes and sizes- all forms and all intensity. A snowstorm is beautiful, yet inconvenient. A Hurricane, you can see it coming and try to prepare, but you can’t stop the powerful winds. A tornado just comes out of nowhere and BAM- devastation in pockets of places. A Tsunami- TOTAL Wipe Out!

What about A VIRUS? Wow, that was one we didn’t see coming! No way, No How! No level of preparation could have prepared us for what has happened in our world over the last 6-8 months. I don’t know about you, but I never thought we would be facing this for this long. I think for the first time in history, not ONE person has not felt the effects of CoVid 19. It crosses from First World to Third World Nations, Socio-economic levels, Race and Religion. Anyone can argue about where it came from and whatever political stand has a stake in it. Isn’t this like the storms of life? Some things just happen and then some things are like watching a train wreck. Maybe these things happen because there is a bigger picture that we just can’t see on this side of it?

But whatever it is – One thing is for sure- God’s hand is in it!

God is a God of Love- even when He allows wrath or disaster to happen … “His plan is for good” says Jeremiah 29:11

I recently have seen God at work and felt His presence throughout this pandemic chaos that we are in. My daughter and son had to come home from college interrupting their senior and freshman year. They both went to boarding school and except for holidays, the 5 of us have not really “lived” together for years. Now that could have been a disaster and I’m not kidding when I say we had some “tornado” moments, but God is good! We had 5 of us plus another student, who is like family, and could not go home to India, all under 1 roof (and not a very big one at that!)

I was able to see the older 2 bond with their 16 year old brother and have the joy of having dinner at the table every night. Those were precious moments that we would have Never had otherwise. My husband and I got to spend time at home with our children, play games and cards- we even did a puzzle (only 1). The other blessing that stands out is when my youngest was homeschooling or “distant learning”, I was able to focus in on him and realize that he needed a different high school experience. This journey led us to move back to our hometown and enroll him in a high school steeped in tradition and real high school experiences (as much as you can have these days). It has led us back home to family and aging parents. My children get to spend time with cousins and grandparents that they used to only see a few times a year. I can’t see all the fruit yet, but I have a peace beyond understanding and know that we are right where we are supposed to be. We are in the middle of the transition now, but I trust that God is going before us and working out the details.

Sometimes it is hard to see ... That’s where Trust, Faith and Thankfulness come in.

From Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, she said, “Trust and thankfulness will get you safely through this day; trust keeps you from the worry and thankfulness keeps you from complaining.”

Worry and Complaining- These Sister Sins can certainly make you spiral and feel like a tornado!!

That’s the beauty of the Shield of Faith design- it doesn’t protect you from any of it- but it reminds you that the storms Will come, but we have Salvation to look forward to, His righteousness to protect our heart, the Gospel of Peace through His Word, and His Truth to hold it all together.

I am holding on tight to this daily and pray that whatever storm or battle you are going through that you will Armor Up and Trust in His plan!