heidi kirschner


From a quiet sunlit studio near uptown Charlotte, NC, Heidi Kirschner creates impressionistic landscapes and abstracts, as well as still lifes and her “Hearts” series. Working in oil with palette knife and brushes, Heidi’s works are layered with nuances of color, light and shadow.

She has studied, taught and painted continuously since her girlhood and, over the years, has honed her artistic style and philosophy. A perfectionist by nature with classical training as an artist, Heidi’s recent works combine vision, technique, subtle color variations and a sense of spontaneity. “It has become glaringly obvious to me,” she writes, “that I must allow the mishaps to happen for the art to exist.  As a classically trained artist, it has been a difficult concept to adopt, but as I learn to let go, I think the pieces I was meant to create are finally emerging.”