Shielded for the Future

Beth Cole


When my first-born Laura was preparing to leave our small hometown in Florida to attend BostonCollege, it seemed like a very large leap to make in so many ways. Not only going away to college, but so far away and her first time living in a big city!

I wanted to give her a meaningful gift which she could
draw strength and comfort from, I bought her the sterling shield pendant and chain and when I gave it to her, we talked about the verse from Ephesians, telling us to put on the armor of God and wear the shield of faith. I prayed this necklace would be a lasting gift reminding her to rely on her  faith to guide her and protect her on this journey.

Well, Laura LOVED the necklace as a beautiful and unusual piece of jewelry that goes with everything, and as a subtle symbol of her trust in God. She has worn it constantly for four years; I think she has only taken it off once or twice for an x-ray or other procedure. Over the years she has added to her collection. We went back in the summer of 2013 and got the matching cuff bracelet, ring and earrings for her 21st birthday. This month we went back and she fell in love with the more casual and “edgy“ look of the leather and silver line, so she added the band bracelet and lanyard necklace to her Gracewear collection.

When she was facing the biggest trial of her life to date, the NCLEX exam to get her Registered Nursing license, Laura went in “triple shielded,” wearing the silver pendant, the lanyard necklace and the leather bracelet. And of course she passed with flying colors! She will enter her chosen career of nursing wearing her Gracewear jewelry and keeping her focus clearly on living out the love of God every day in the care of others.