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Wear Your Faith In Style
Gracewear bracelets are the confluence of faith and inner strength that represents the hope, love, and determination possessed by every woman. Our bracelets are the perfect amalgamation of style and purpose and are designed to suit women of any age.
Every piece of Gracewear bracelet is unique and meaningful. Our bracelets make you look suave and strengthen your faith while carrying their style, traditional or contemporary.
The beads and metal used in our bracelets are of high quality and speak of the uniqueness of our life’s journey. We offer gold, rhodium silver, leather, suede, pearls, and genuine stones at affordable prices, and for each piece you order, we deliver it in an attractive pouch accompanied by a scripture card to let you know how special you are!

Here’s our collection of bracelets with different styles to choose from:
1) Prayer Bracelet: Prayer bracelets are one of our most special offerings with shiny, faceted glass beads. The beads in these bracelets are used for counting, keeping track, and focusing on prayers. You can hold on to a specific bead and recite your prayers during the day, or you can don this stylish piece of jewelry and notch up your look for the day.

2) LOVE Bracelet: Celebrate the bond of LOVE with our beautifully colored LOVE bracelets. Each bracelet is crafted by hand by the Maasai women in Kenya, and your purchases make a significant contribution to their livelihood.

Gracewear bracelets are a favorite among the youth who wants to convey their LOVE and commitment to their partner through something that can be cherished for ages. Our bracelets symbolize love and are also exquisite piece of jewelry that comes in different, vibrant colors to make heads turn.

3) Suede Bracelet: Suede is a very durable fabric that makes our bracelets last long. It offers a soft, smooth, and delicate feel around your wrist and is perfect with any look. Gracewear suede bracelets are adorned with charm or pearl, or sometimes both. This suede bracelet is compatible with other Gracewear bracelets and is the ideal choice for those who dare to try and create their fashion statement.

4) Charm Bracelet: Our charm bracelets are among our most popular offerings and come with a precious 3/4" Shield of Faith charm. Charm bracelets have always been an intriguing piece of jewelry as it allows the wearer to preserve special memories or moments in the form of charms.

You can wear one charm or layer it up with many to amp up even the simplest outfit in no time. The oxidized material of these charm bracelets gives them an antique look and is absolutely safe to wear on any skin type.

5) Leather Cuff Bracelet: This belongs to our Shielded collection and is made of leather and oxidized metal Shield of Faith. Gracewear leather cuff bracelets are suitable even for vegan enthusiasts. It is easy to wear as it comes with two snaps that enable you to adjust the fitting and can also be slipped on and off your wrist. The robust material of the cuff bracelets makes them a long-time companion of the wearer.

6) Taj Beaded Bracelet: Inspired by the beautiful love story of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaj Mahal, Gracewear Taj beaded bracelet is a recognition of the bond that lived forever. The metal beads in these bracelets are placed in a geometric pattern giving them a trendy and chic look.

These bracelets are waterproof with adjustable length and may slightly vary in color as they are handmade by women in India.

7) Beaded Medallion Bracelet: Made of genuine stone and a two-tone linked medallion Shield of Faith charm, this beaded bracelet is a must-have if you like to look your best every day. This sophisticated piece of Gracewear jewelry is the wearer's pride and goes with every style, traditional or contemporary. We offer beaded medallion bracelets in stones of different colors, but a single size as these bracelets come in one size that fits all.

8) Beaded Stretch Bracelet: If you love our beaded bracelets but doubt if the size will fit, then choose beaded stretch bracelets. They are adorned with all the qualities of our other beaded bracelets and put together onto a stretch cord so you can easily wear them on or off.

You will like the unique brown palate of this glass beaded bracelet which comes with a Shield of Faith charm and can be combined with other bracelets or worn alone.

9) Shield of Faith Cuff Bracelet: This is an absolute favorite of the Gracewear collection for its high quality, bold looks, and long-lasting rhodium plating. You cannot ask for more with this one-of-a-kind bracelet that lets you wear your faith in style.

Cuff bracelets are a preferred choice for their easy-to-wear design and durability. They are open in the back, so you can slide the thinnest side of your wrist into it and tighten it if required.

10) Linked Shield Bracelet: Made with 18K gold plating, this linked shield bracelet is a pleasure to the eyes for its sheer elegance. It is lightweight and has a classic toggle clasp for a custom fit.
You can purchase it for yourself or give it as a gift to someone special since these bracelets make the wearer feel royal.

11) LOVE Pet Collar: If you are a loving owner of a furry pet and want to express your love through something tangible, then the Gracewear LOVE pet collar is just the right gift for your furry friend. It can be worn by both cats and dogs, and don’t worry about the breed of your pet as these collars come in three different sizes. Made with reinforced leather, these collars are the artistry of Maasai women and are therefore 100% unique.